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What On Earth Is a Success Image?


The success image is an integral part of a campaign. Its strength lies in the pop psychology that a recipient viewing the image is reassured and a sense of trust is instilled about the end result of the product / campaign.

Okay, so firstly, I know I depicted success images results as ‘pop psychology’ but we do have hard data that demonstrates a significant increase in traffic and conversions when we applied our success image techniques.

Where Is A Success Image Used?

A success image is most commonly found on landing pages & websites. It is normally the first thing you see as you land on the page. See the example below:


The choice of image is also critical to success. You can see above that one of Colgate's demographics are young professionals. So they are reaching towards their particular buyer persona. If you see someone with the same problem as you or that looks like you looking happy and satisfied on a product website then it will strike a chord with you.


Why Is It Important To Use Royalty Free Images?

The key thing to remember when making your own success image is to make sure you acquire an image from a royalty free website. If you Google an image of a person smiling that you like and then place it on your website without permission, you are liable to cease and desist or even a fine for the amount of time that the image has been on your visible on your site. It used to be a minefield to navigate but with the following websites it has become a doddle.

Royalty Free Stock Sites:

Fancy Crave

Death to the Stock Photo



One thing I would recommend is ‘variety is the spice of life’…..(That’s what they say right?!?)

The more varied sites you use for your imagery then the more likely you are to stand out from the other practices. Always be on the hunt for new royalty free websites to be one step ahead of the game.

If you have any question about Success Images or if you find even more amazing royalty free image websites then please share your experience and comment below.

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