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3 Important Facebook Metrics For a Website Clicks Campaign


Defining if it’s worth keeping a Facebook Website Clicks campaign running or not is always a time consuming process.

In today’s Friday tips we are going to talk about 3 metrics that will help you easily define if it’s worth keeping a Facebook Website Clicks campaign running or not. These metrics are what we found working for us and doesn’t mean that are the only factors to define if a website clicks (Link Clicks) campaign is performing well or not.

It’s important to mention that before you start troubleshooting your website clicks campaign’s performance, you need to let it run for at least 3 days.



Metric Number One - Frequency

Frequency is the average number of times your ad was shown to each person.

  • If the frequency of your campaign is over 8.0 then you’d better stop your campaign because people will start getting frustrated by your ads and you will begin receiving negative feedback.

Metric Number Two - Click Through Rate

Click Through Rate is the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions your ad is receiving.

  • A good performing Facebook website clicks campaign should receive at least 1.5% CTR.
Sometimes a campaign’s average CTR may be low because of the low CTR of specific ads. In this case it's advised to check the CTR of each Facebook ad individually and then decide which ones to keep running and which ones not. 

Metric Number Three - Relevance Score

Relevance Score is a 1 to 10 rating based on how well your audience is engaging with your Facebook ads. In order for your Ads’ Relevance Score to be visible you need to receive at least 500 impressions.

  • If the relevance score is less than 6 then is advised to turn your ads off because this shows that your target audience is not commenting, liking, sharing or clicking on them and thus not engaging with your content.


That was our brief explanation on Facebook Metrics for website clicks campaigns. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below.

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